Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The purest kind...

The pleasures of the flesh
Are fleeting
Lasting for a moment
And receding

The pleasures of the flesh 
Can be decieving
Falsifying love
And then retreating
It fills you up
But it's depleting--

The pleasures of the heart 
They are a gift
They never fade 
They're never swift
The heart brings truth
Disguises lift

Love is patient
Love is kind
Bringing peace
Of soul and mind
Greatest pleasure
One could find
Is of the heart
The purest kind.... 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We carry like an anchor
The tribulations of our youth
Some allege it without bearing
But our bruises scream the truth
Once the hold is broken
We will throw the world away
To anticipate the battles
Of another sordid day
Higher now we raise our shields
In protection of our causes
We waste the time we've borrowed
As our heartaches give no pauses
If someone were to ask us
Are you living or existing?
Are you quietly complying
Or violently resisting?
Fighting time and all it's pleasures
Fighting God and all his plans
Fighting off the fated minutes
Surrendered to His hand
We'll hold tight to the knowledge
That we'll one day freely walk
No longer bound in prisons
Created by a clock

Friday, April 23, 2010


Desperate for redemption
You bang your head against a wall
Caged inside your memories
You pray your fists can make it fall
The pain builds in your temples
With your void white flag unfurled
Since the day you fell from grace
Building your temples to this world
A hopeless cry for mercy
Simply echoes in your ear
With no foothold to press your weight
You climb but go nowhere
Your faith has been forgotten
You stare into a mirror
Reflecting back the image
Of the voice you cannot hear
I beg you, rest your efforts
Put your trust in me
Let me bare your burden
With the grace you don't yet see...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Though I forsake it...

It's hard to see the things I've seen,

To be where I have been,
So low, so far beyond this life
I never thought I'd stand again
To be this girl, so young and lost
A life with much to hold
With a soul inside beyond it's years
With eyes alive but cold
So many things have come and gone
Loves and lives are lost
And each that makes its exit
Exceeds its priors' cost
The darkest roads are paved and smooth
The sliding down is effortless
It's the climbing up, the moving on
That's almost worse than the distress
Now see my struggles, where they lay
Surpassed, conquered and defeated
Like stones they form a pathway
Where the waters have receded
I've run from shame, to free myself
Though sure I'd never make it
To wake one morning made brand new
My Faith renewed, unshaken. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unchained Melody...

"I'll close my eyes and let it take me,
As it pours into the air.
In a crowd of the unheeding;
They're unmoved and unaware.
Every word I hear will soothe me,
Cut me, or complete me.
Every beat will move me,
Bring me power or defeat me.
Every note plays in my soul,
Unrestrained and free.
The mirror of my longing;
The unchained melody.
The lost, they come to listen,
They seek what I have found.
To walk among the idle,
Unobstructed and unbound."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fighting words...

My words are my weapon,
My only protection. The only real forces
in my possession.
Like thunder they roll
and like lightning they strike They cut and they sting
and they put up a fight
They'll seek you, and bind you,
and call you a coward They steal beauty and peace
like a knife to a flower
They come at you hard,
they take their desire Though they burn in my throat
like hell's hottest fire
I meant them to hurt you,
to take back what was mine To show you my anger,
and to damage your pride
You made me a fool
and you never thought twice And now by resentment,
you're paying the price
I meant what I said
in the midst of my fury But now that it's done..
please....please forgive me -Bing


Still learning the lessons you left here for me. I can't help wondering how long it's gonna be.
When will I get it, how soon will I grow? Knowing all of the things you would want me to know?
To make a wise choice and make myself number two..., always putting other people first, just like you would do.
To stand up for the weak and to speak for the mute, To seek mercy and justice and love at the root.
To work hard to succeed and to give all I had,
thank you for teaching me these lessons, Dad.
(To my dad; The best man I've ever known)

For my son, Ezra...

When God made you he blessed me
Then he gave me you, to test me
He said "How much do you love me,
And what will you put above me?"
"Take my son, teach him to love me
Make him the man of God he should be"
"Watch him grow and guide his steps
Lead him through the darkest depths
When you can't see through the dark sea
Teach your son to trust me"
"Walk by faith and never waiver
Be at peace that I'm your savior
I sent my only son to save you
Look my child, at what I gave you"...
Lord, you never saw me as a reject
With every flaw and every defect
You meant this child for no other
Please, guide me to be his mother...